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ویلا دشت مشا ویلا دشت مشا ویلا دشت مشا ویلا دشت مشا

Lidoma Group

Lidoma has started its developmental and designing activities since 1383 in Mosha plain and Damavand area with experienced and proficient employers.
This group consists of diffrent groups and implementing engineers which offer building activities under professional staffer's supervision in studio architecture .Moreover they assist their respectable customers in all steps such as designing,calculating and performing projects and also get building certificate and end of construction works

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Sima Sang Exhibition

Sima sang exhibition has started its activities in Mosha plain and Damvand area since 1383.
The group provides various granite stones,marble and etc..with lowest price to venerable consumers.
Sima sang superior quality more reasonable price

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Design Group

Lidoma design group is located in Mosha plain and Damavand area with relying on experienced staffers in the plain of interior design and landscaping and considering the accuracy and speed plus paying attention to climate condition in Mosha plain and Damavand area besides matching design and implementation with high high quality and lowest cost inorder to get enployer's (high)good opinon

The performance group

Lidoma engineering group has started its activities by implementing various projects since 1386 in Mosha plain and Damavand area .This group has been able to assert itself by performing diffrent projects and getting experience besides relying on its technical staff's performance capability in the recent years

Perojects which are being performed

These projects are mainly centralized in Mosha plain and Damavand area.customer's satisfaction is its main priority so this group are using promissing and specialist staff and practical sience backing inorder to accomplish the mentoined goal


The counslor group are doing their activities with relying on experience and dominance over Damavand area and Mosha plain inorder to get respectable customers' satisfaction.More over their priority is to afford their customers' needs

Projects which were implented

Numerous projects were performed by Lidoma construction group in Mosha plain.Damavand area and other areas.some of which are being displayed. Having high quality and using experienced and proficient using high-grade materials is the most important goal of the group to do these projects

Sima Sang Group

Sima sang group has started its activities with the aim of making building stones which are commensurate with climate condition in Mosha plain and Damavand area.More imporatantly diffrent building stones with high quality and low price are being made by the group .so this group are prepared to provide service to throughout Iran

Samples of the projects were performed by Lidoma group

In the following you can see some images which are related to developmental projects which are implented by Lidoma group and exhibition video attributed to sima sang store.

Village in Mosha Plain
Dr. Nurmohammadi Drugstore
Slab Stone Gallery
Mobile Number
09121953955 - CEO Ammar Ghasempour
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